11 Simple, Proven Ways to Optimize Your Mental Health

Here are 11 simple and proven ways to optimize your mental health:

  • Get Moving. Physical exercise releases endorphins in our bodies which are natural opiates to improve our mood and make us feel good.
  • Watch your weight. Obesity and diabetes increase the risk of depression.
  • Be careful what you consume. Limiting saturated fat, processed foods and sugars can lower anxiety.
  • Stay in the moment. Practice mindfulness, acceptance, self-compassion and curiosity. Pay attention to the present moment.
  • Mediate about the ones you love. Kindness mediation or loving-kindness meditation can improve a person emotional well-being and reduce depression.
  • Keep a journal. Putting negative thoughts, feelings, aspirations etc. on paper can create mental distance from those issues.
  • Stay socially connected. Social support optimizes our mental well-being
  • Prioritize. Schedule positivity such as visiting loved ones or engaging in a hobby.
  • Assess your stress. Instead of avoiding your stressful situation, frame your experience positively, especially about things you cannot change.
  • Sleep on it. Poor sleep wreaks havoc on the brain.
  • Find purpose. Engaging in activities that give us meaning can improve our mental health.

To read the entire article in U.S. News, by Michael O. Schroeder, click here.

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