Monthly Archives: July 2015

Eating a Fiber-Rich Diet Enhances Beneficial Gut Microbes, Experts Say

The bacteria in the gut eat what we eat, and food choices affect whether the gut microbiome is weak or strong and diverse, scientists say. A recent study suggests that eating high-fiber foods encourages the growth of Akkermansia muciniphila, which is tied to leanness and improved glucose tolerance. Gut bacteria produce short-chain fatty acids when […]

Poor Diet Can Lead to Constipation

Keep It Moving… Poor Diet Can Lead to Constipation This is one time you want to go to the bathroom and can’t! Many of us are all too familiar with bowing over with stomach pains or sitting on our porcelain thrones hoping to just move our bowels in order to feel better. So, now you’re […]

Happy Independence Day!

Americans love to celebrate Fourth of July by either gathering at beaches, having picnics in the park, hosting or attending family reunions barbecues in the backyard and of course enjoying elaborate firework displays. Which ever way you decide to enjoy America’s birthday, delicious food is sure to be involved. Here are a few quick, easy […]

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