Monthly Archives: January 2016

HHS, USDA Release Updated Dietary Guidelines

The CBS Evening News reported, “Today the government revised its advice for a healthy diet. The headlines: Lean meat and eggs may now be okay, but sugar and salt still bad.” USA Today reports that the new guidelines, from the US Department of Agriculture and the US Department of Health and Human Services, recommend “limiting […]

States Deny Hepatitis C Medication For Most Medicaid Patients, Report Shows

NPR reports in its “Shots” blog and on its “All Things Considered” program that “Medicaid in many states restricts” who can receive the new hepatitis C medication Harvoni (ledipasvir/sofosbuvir), because it “costs about $95,000” for a full 12-week course. Medicaid “in at least 34 states doesn’t pay for treatment unless a patient already has liver […]

Scientists Only Beginning To Understand How Gut Microbiota May Influence Body Weight

“Shots” blog reported that “a key group of gut microbes – from the phylum Firmicutes – might be more common among people who are overweight.” People who are thinner, “these studies suggest, might have more bacteria from the phylum known as Bacteroidetes.” However, a recent analysis presented this month at a scientific meeting suggests that […]

Men Are Getting More Screening Colonoscopies Due To Medicare Payment Changes

Kaiser Health News reported that “men are getting more screening colonoscopies since the health law reduced how much Medicare beneficiaries pay out of pocket for the preventive tests, a recent study found.” However, there were no changes to women’s rates. Starting in 2011, the ACA “waived the Medicare Part B deductible (which totals $147 annually […]

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