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Genetics and Gastroenterology

For years doctors have studied the link between genetics and gastroenterology but it wasn’t until 2012 that Dr. Meredith Roath and Dr. Jack Palma uncovered the genes responsible for many gastro conditions . The Doctors report “Genetic information can be used to diagnose conditions and identify asymptomatic family members so that necessary screening or treatments […]

DIGESTIVE CARE continues commitment to serving our patients and remains in network on the largest Marketplace plans for 2017

The Sun Sentinel reported back in August that “large insurers are pulling out of many markets throughout the U.S. — including South Florida, the nation’s largest Obamacare market — leaving consumers to choose among smaller insurers with so-called narrow provider networks.” The article also states “excluding Aetna and Humana, just four companies have submitted plans […]

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