Poor Diet Can Lead to Constipation

Keep It Moving… Poor Diet Can Lead to Constipation This is one time you want to go to the bathroom and can’t! Many of us are all too familiar with bowing over with stomach pains or sitting on our porcelain thrones hoping to just move our bowels in order to feel better. So, now you’re […]

Happy Independence Day!

Americans love to celebrate Fourth of July by either gathering at beaches, having picnics in the park, hosting or attending family reunions barbecues in the backyard and of course enjoying elaborate firework displays. Which ever way you decide to enjoy America’s birthday, delicious food is sure to be involved. Here are a few quick, easy […]

Diet, Exercise, Managing Stress May Help Reduce IBS Symptoms

Identifying diet triggers, reducing stress and trying over-the-counter supplements may help manage symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, according to clinicians. A study in The American Journal of Gastroenterology found physical activity led to a reduction in IBS symptoms. However, experts advise seeing a gastroenterologist if problems persist.

Causes of Diarrhea and Treatment Options

Don’t be a softy… Causes of Diarrhea and Treatment Options Loose and watery are two terms you don’t want to describe your poop! Diarrhea, although common and usually not serious, can be an inconvenience to say the least. Typically, diarrhea lasts two to three days, and in most cases it can be treated with over-the-counter […]

Study Suggests Probiotics May Ease Allergy Symptoms

A review of study data found people who took probiotic supplements or ate foods containing probiotics reduced their allergy symptoms and reported a higher quality of life, compared with those who took a placebo. Vanderbilt University Medical Center physician Justin Turner said the studies included in the review used different strains of live bacteria and […]

Fast Food is Not OK for Seniors

Avoiding fast food and focusing on your nutrition lowers your health risks and increases your energy! Your fast food encounter may go something like this: You decide to take a trip but you didn’t pack any food. You are excited about reaching your destination and don’t want to spend time eating a long meal so […]

Decreasing the Risk of Colon Cancer

For decades, it has been widely known amongst nutrition experts that colon cancer risk is attributed to certain dietary factors. First, high fat diets including those with large intake of red meat have been associated with increased risk of colonic cancers. Researchers have focused on dietary fiber as another important contributing factor in decreasing the […]

Vaccines for Hep A and Hep B Provide Nearly Lifelong Immunity

Did you know you can take action to prevent hepatitis? Millions of Americans have chronic viral hepatitis; most of them do not know they are infected. The CDC has dubbed May 19, 2012, the first ever Hepatitis Testing Day. Since May is Hepatitis Awareness Month, start by getting vaccinated. Chronic hepatitis B and C cause thousands […]

Good Carbohydrates for a Healthy Meal

Including complex carbohydrates in your daily meal plan is beneficial in helping you control your weight. Complex carbohydrates found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes are high in dietary fiber which may provide long lasting energy and take longer to break down by the digestive system allowing you to feel satisfied and full until […]

5 Tips For Digestive Health

The lifestyle you live directly impacts your digestive system and overall health. Eating for your digestive system does not mean giving up your favorite foods, but instead re-prioritizing them. The key to a well-balanced body is healthy eating, physical activity, and moderation. The function of your digestive system is to turn the food you eat […]

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