Stomach Growls After Eating Are Common Source of Embarrassment

Don’t be embarrassed, it is your body at work

The noise we attribute to the stomach growl, is actually not coming from your stomach at all. It is coming from your intestines. The process causing the noises: digestion. Your intestines are hollow tubes which allow food and liquids to flow through them. Acid travels through the tubes breaking down food for the body to absorb it. The noises happen when food is being moved and gas and liquid are displaced in the intestine.

This can also occur when there is no food to digest. Your digestive tract has a two hour cycle in which acid is moved through the intestines and thus could still create this growl or gurgle noise. The noise is often louder when there is no food in the mix, but it can still occur even after there is food present.

Don’t be fooled that you’re still hungry or needing food; it is not necessarily a call to action or cry of help from your stomach.

If you are in good health and seek to eliminate the noise, drink a glass of water or eat a few crackers to quiet your tract down.

If you experience a growling noise with cramping and or burping, your body is trying to emit a bacteria or gas. If you experience vomiting or diarrhea after these symptoms, you should rehydrate with water and electrolytes and seek medical attention from one of our physicians at Digestive CARE located in South Florida, with offices throughout Broward, Palm Beach and Martin Counties.

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