Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us:

Digestive CARE™, now in partnership with Gastro Health, is a Medical Group of 48 Broward, Palm Beach and Martin County gastroenterologists that are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art, efficient and high quality medical care. Our commitment is to ensure the South Florida Community receives the ultimate access to a broad range of high-quality gastroenterology services including diagnostics and treatments.

Dedicated to excellence in gastroenterology care, we are sure you’ll find that our Digestive CARE™ physicians are among the very best in Florida.

How We Work Together:

OUR ROLE – Digestive CARE™ gastroenterologists work as consultants to your primary care doctor, providing the results of your tests or procedures, as well as treatment options, directly to him or her. You will then work with your Digestive CARE™ physician, or your primary care doctor, to determine the best methods to treat you or to help you maintain optimal health.

YOUR ROLE – At Digestive CARE™, we want you to be engaged in and involved in your health care by asking questions, bringing in lists of your medications, making certain your medical records have been sent to us and always providing up-to-date insurance and contact information.

If you are scheduled for an office appointment, please check with your primary physician’s office to make sure they have sent all pertinent medical information to our offices prior to your visit. If you are scheduled for a diagnostic exam or procedure, please follow all preparation instructions completely so that the procedure will be successful and will not need to be rescheduled or repeated.

Contact Information

General Information:
Office hours: 9 am to 5 pm
Monday through Friday